Exploring Tibet

12days-hongkong-tibet-tour-480Tibet lies in the Tibetan Plateau, Asia. It serves as a homeland for Tibetan people. It is the highest region on the Earth. The great Everest, the Mount Everest (29,029 ft.) also lies in the Tibet

Beijing to Tibet

Travelling from Beijing to Tibet is a journey of 40 hours and 53 minutes. The distance between the two places is 3757 km. travelling by train from Beijing will prove to be an experience that can be saved for a lifetime. It crosses 8 provinces to rich the Tibetan plateau.

Chengdu to Tibet

Travelling from Chengdu to Tibet is much easy as it is connected but daily 10 flights to Tibet with at least a train to Tibet every second day. Any flight to Tibet has to cross Chengdu. Most of them have to take off early morning only. The distance by train between the two places is 3348 kilometres which mean a run of nearly 44 hours.

Things to do in Tibet

  • Exploring the Potala Palace

it is the symbol of Tibet. It is red and white in colour surrounded by grey and green mountains. It shows the Tibetan history, culture, and art. There we can see Buddha statues and antiques of Tibetan culture. Visiting Tibet, one must see this place.

  • Jokhang Temple

The temple for the Tibetan people that is most sacred. A Tibet tour can never be complete if one doesn’t visit this temple. A classic attraction of Tibet.

  • Barkhor Street

It is a pilgrimage circle around the temple of Jokhang. It has various shops too. Prayer wheels are rolled by the people.

  • Sera Monastery

It comes under the category of not to be missed part while travelling to Tibet. It is very interesting to watch the monks of the monastery and the gestures made by them.

  • Samye Monastery

It is the birthplace of the Tibetan Buddhism. It is the first monastery of Tibet. Inside it, one can see various prayer wheels and sculptures. It is so big and deep that it takes a day to visit.

  • Lake Yamdrok

It is a breathtaking lake because of stunning scenic beauty. On its side, one can see the Tibetan villages.

  • Mount Everest

The Everest, a dream comes true for many travellers. Only those should try this who are medically fit as with every feet breathing becomes difficult because of the altitude.

Tibet Train Tour

Travelling to or in Tibet means you are travelling on the World’s highest Railway. It is an amazing experience in itself only. Traveling by train has become very popular in Tibet now.  It has the world’s highest altitude railway. It takes almost three days to travel to Tibet by train. But it will give you countless experience and that will be for the lifetime.

 Tibet Trekking

Tibet being on such high altitude gives a wonderful place for trekking. One should go for trekking on visiting Tibet. 7 dreadful trekking passes are:

  • Shalu to Nartang Trek
  • Tsarphu to Yangpachen Trek
  • Ganden to Samye Trek
  • Nyenchen Tanglha to Lake Namtso Trek
  • Tingri to EBC via Ra Chu Valley Trek
  • Eastern Side – Mount Everest Gama Valley Trek
  • Advance Base Camp Trek – Mount Everest


Tibet Visa

In few simple steps one can get the permit to visit Tibet:

  • Get a Chinese visa from the Chinese Embassy from your home country.
  • Get your Tibet tour ready as it is needed for the application for Tibet.
  • Next job is to get a Tibet tour guide online so that he can apply for you for the Tibet permit. It should be an authorized agency.
  • After all the above steps are completed, you have to mail the scanned copy of Chinese Visa and your Passport to the tour guide operator.
  • And then you will get the permit to Tibet which you can use for booking your hotel too.

And here comes the Tibet Tour



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