Polo Shirt: Evergreen Trend


A polo shirt with the long sleeve is a kind of item that can never be out of fashion. Long sleeve polo shirt is considered as an essential legitimate wardrobe just like a denim jacket. Often it has been underestimated as an item of cold weather, but it can be worked out with your outfits in a number of ways. It is said to be a smart casual piece that is perfect to look. The refined and smooth feel is given by the addition of a collar and due to its clean lines. Five different styles, approaches have been given by replacing simple wear to knitwear. All of them give a sense of timelessness. Polo shirt gives a perfect picture of a smart casual piece. Smart and the feeling of redefined is given with the addition of colour to it with clean lines. The stuffy feeling can be sensed because of the soft material and the perfect cut.


Long sleeve polo shirt proves to more versatile in the season of winter and autumn over short sleeved ones. It’s a perfect shirt that can be carried under blazers outwears or knitwear even.  The long sleeves help in retaining the warmth and at the same time, they can stand alone when carried in the spring season.

These have proved to be the favourite shirts consistently worldwide. Since they are made from the strongest, comfortable and durable cotton, they are most demanded peace among the top grade men’s wear. It gives a perfect professional appearance because of its colour. It goes with the traditional three buttons, one after another made up of melamine that doesn’t burn crack or melt.


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