Slipcover Sofa



Slipcover is also known as the loose cover which is a fitted cover that can be fitted with a protective cover which can be slipped off on a sofa. They are basically made of cloth. They can be changed from time to time for the seasonal or cleaning purpose.

They are sometimes defined as “clothing for the furniture”. They are tailored in such a way that it can be fitted loosely on the furniture. It can give a new life to an old sofa set providing the room with a new fresh appearance. By using slipcover you can update your sofa in an attractive and functional way. They are different varieties available in the market of the same. Choosing the appropriate one for your sofa can prove overwhelming. 5 basic points that we should have in your mind while choosing the slipcover sofa are whether we want them custom or ready-made, and then the colour of the slipcover should be decided, and then the style shape and pattern and lastly the fabric of slipcover that you want for your furniture. If the sofa has a dark colour, a heavy and opaque material should have opted for the slipcover so that the dark colour doesn’t go through.

Buying a new sofa set can prove to be an expensive investment. You can redecorate the current sofa by putting on a slipcover rather than investing in a new sofa. Slipcover has proved to be the quick and economical solution for the redecoration of the sofa. A slipcover hides the old ugly stains as well as covers the nasty stains. Besides this slipcover also add life to the furniture.




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