The Lazy Woman’s Guide to Looking Good


We as a whole get a kick out of the chance to look pleasant. Our idea of what constitutes “pleasant” may vary, yet toward the day’s end when you have a feeling that you look great, you like yourself.

Try not to leave picking what to wear until the morning, particularly in the event that you have a promising start. You don’t have to lay everything out except in any event watch that your essentials are perfect and have a couple outfits that you can wear as a last resort. That way you won’t wind up in a spoiled pullover with custard down the front in light of the fact that everything is still wet on the machine.

Flaunt the Hair

A couple of recommendations and simple to get at Shoppers Stop! They work with all haircuts, so play around!

·        A Hat

Tuck under a beret and roll the periphery. It takes around 2 minutes and everybody will have dazzling hair. This additionally works with no opportunity to brush out twists. Simply unfasten the front few and spread the rest with a cap.

·        A Hair Rat

Roll the hair around it into a long bun and stick in a couple pins. Quick and looks great when the twists have fallen level. On the off chance that you’ve more time you can roll your periphery or simply contort the sides and stick in a few brushes. This turns rich and becomes upward.

·        Dry Shampoo and A Hairband

Spray on some dry cleaner, brush it out, then rub all your hair once again into a high bouncy pigtail or transform it into an Audrey Hepburn style high bun with a touch of backcombing and a few holds.

·        A scarf

Wrap it around your head, Rosie, the Riveter style or crease it into a hair band and tie it on top of your head. Roll your periphery again into a quaff and tie them in a pigtail for an adorable rockabilly look

Make Up

5 Minutes and getting ready! Makeup, an easy to make you look best. Shop these makeup products of women online from Shoppers Stop and rock the party.

  • Adhered on the best way to get the ideal feline eye? Utilize a credit card to make a proof line.
  • Forming can be as straightforward as the number “3.”
  • Blend a little peppermint oil into your lip shine to give your lips a plumping help. Cinnamon oil likewise functions admirably!
  • Utilize your lash styler to get the ideal eyeliner switch.
  • Utilize a business card or note card to get the best mascara line.
  • Utilize white or light eyeliner to truly make your eyes pop (or conceal how drained/hungover you are).
  • Scratch out each and every drop of establishment/bronzer/sparkle before you need to schlep out to the store once more.
  • On the off chance that you coincidentally buy an establishment that is excessively dim, adding a touch of cream to your blend can help it.
  • In the event that you’ve come up short on eyeliner, yet have mascara, it can do two-fold obligation.


The psychological impact of accessories is amazing. It’s like people’s brains fill in the gaps and decide that the girl must have made a great effort to pinch the brooch on the coat lapel/put in a pair of earrings/tie a scarf around your neck/pick up some gloves.

The top tip is to take an ideal opportunity to dry things level. Stretch your trousers and the skirts out as straight as one can before hanging them at stake and smooth down collars and turn ups. Overlay and hang them as smooth as you can as well.


2 Replies to “The Lazy Woman’s Guide to Looking Good”

  1. Isn’t it a piece of patriarchy which is always worried about women looking good. Why can’t we stop thinking about how people look and start thinking about how much intelligent the people are.


    1. The direction of patriarchy’s thinking is totally different from me and my author’s view behind the post.

      Doctor, looking good is not bad and giving some tips on how to look good is not bad as well.

      When many intelligents are together, the good looks is the thing that makes an intelligent plus five marks from others.


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