Best Destination to Have Food in Mumbai


When Mumbai is at its craziest, the movement is at peak, what might you do to satisfy your tummy? But, in the event that you needed to draw up a rundown of the best places to eat in Mumbai on a day that numerous consider the perfect day to venture out, relax their wallet, let down their hair and shake out the leg.

So have a look and pick the most loved spots for a dinner. This gathering is obviously more slanted to a calm night of phenomenal nourishment as opposed to painting the city red. They have clear top picks with regards to an exceptional supper and psyche you; eateries that have their blessing for quality sustenance, administration and consistency are ones that you can cheerfully wager on. So before you choose which Restaurant in Mumbai to decide for the ideal dinner over which you can say goodbye to the old and acquire the new, look at our main list, favoured by this holy part.

Mughal Dhaba


The chicken platter is a wonderful starter worth craving for. Only a little steeply priced at 1200 but worth its while. Green chicken is also pretty good. Tandoori roti made out from wheat flour was something which not all restaurants serve.

Mughal Darbar


What do you do when all of a sudden an old school companion of your dad-in-law approaches your place and you don’t have room schedule-wise to cook as you just come back from work? You don’t freeze and just request some tasty sustenance for supper. Here it is conveyed inside 45 minutes.

Best put in Kurla to request from in the event that you have visitors coming over a minute ago and need great quality Indian nourishment conveyed to your home.

Delhi Zaika


Delhi Zaika serves magnificent Mughali at a lovely financially savvy rate in speedy time. Attempting the Chicken Barra, Al Baik chicken and Amul Dahi chicken in starters is recommended. All are astounding and really remarkable. Go for cold chicken biryani which is a Thursday extraordinary and it won’t baffle. Delhi Zaika is an absolute necessity strives for nourishment beaus who aren’t generally made a fuss over the vibe.

Mughal Flavor’s

The daal ghosht with rice and a Caramel custard for treats is an absolute necessity attempt and is most likely as well as can be expected have in Bombay. On the off chance that you are an aficionado of Daal ghosht don’t miss this spot.

Flavor’s by Sheetal

This is recently opened an eatery in Kurla. After quite a while we can see a decent and clean place here which was specially required. I should say their North India sustenance is exceptionally yummy. Their Biryani may give a tuff rivalry to alternate acclaimed Biryani joints around there.

Best thing is they even give south Indian breakfast so on an entire it’s a throughout the day eat at the Inn.

Domino’s Pizza, Kalyan


The reason behind the love of Domino’s is because of their CHEESE BURST. When hot melting cheese hits your brain, that feeling is amazing. They have made a great improvement in taste by bringing more and more flavours. Exotic Italian Pizzas are worth the money! But, at Kalyan the outlet is cramped, there’s hardly any space to even stretch. The makeshift sit out is dusty, even the cleanliness and the general hygiene inside is average.

Domino’s Pizza, Nerul

Pretty small place but best at what the serve Pizza’s and side menu is also great. Pizzas are fresh and of great quality, Nice service and great good ambience are the plus point here.

Hotel Dashmesh Punjab

This is like any ordinary Bar and Resto you will find across Mumbai. They master in mouth-watering tangdi kebab which is super awesome. Rawas fish is like butter that one can’t stop if started.



Best put in to request sustenance from in the late hours of the night. They serve really better than average sustenance with a speedy administration at your place, even at 2 in the night. An unquestionable requirement attempt place!!!!

Tandoor Se


The food is good especially the Indian cuisine. Biryani and Tandoori are their forte. Superb variety. Their Mughlai food is off the rocks. It’s tasty, filling and doesn’t leave you with an acidic taste or a burning sensation afterwards.


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