From Now On, ID A Must to Book Flights


The Central Government will issue new rules for the no-fly list (NFL) on Friday. After the implementation of these rules, it is mandatory to provide a proof of passport or driving license, passport or passport number for passengers if they fly towards domestic destinations. At the same time, the voter ID card issued by the Election Commission may also be valid, but the final decision is yet to be taken. At the same time, the passport number is already mandatory for international flights.

Civil Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha said, “In view of security, India is going to release the fly list.” BS Bhullar-led DGCA team has recently discussed with global regulators. We have received many comments regarding the draft of the NFL and after considering many times, new rules related to it will be issued on Friday. ”

Sinha has said that delay in preparation of NFL has been done to ensure that the person involved in a list is prevented from flying in another name. He also said, “We are going to prepare some rules under the DGCA. Under this, travellers will have to specify some proof number when booking tickets. At the same time, those who give the base numbers will be able to take digital boarding cards soon.



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