Earthquake of Magnitude 8 Strikes Off Mexico’s Southern Pacific Coast



A major volcanic activity took place in the southern coast of Mexico where at least 15 people were killed late on Thursday. According to the president saying it was the biggest in a century to hit the country till now.

The US Geological Survey reported the earthquake’s magnitude as 8.1, but President Enrique Pena Nieto said on Friday it was 8.2, making it the largest in Mexico in the last 100 years. He also said that it was bigger than that of 1985 when thousands were killed in the four Mexican states.

Its epicentre was around 123km southwest of the town of Pijijiapan, at a depth of 70km. “It was a large-scale earthquake, and had a bigger magnitude than the one Mexicans knew in 1985” Pena Nieto said.

The death toll in the massive earthquake has risen to at least 15 people, including two children in the Tabasco state.

Along with this a tsunami warning was issued for Mexico and the people over there, with 3 metre-high waves possibility, as well as other nearby countries too.

Severe damage has been reported in the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas. Among the deaths were at least four in Chiapas, Governor Manuel Velasco Coello said. Two children were killed in state of Tabasco, one a baby who died when the power was cut to a respirator. Apart from this 10 people are reported dead in Mexico’s Oaxaca state. Chiapas Governor Manuel Velasco Coello advised people to evacuate their homes due to the tsunami warning.

The quake, which struck at the local time of 23:50 on Thursday (04:50 GMT Friday), was basically felt in the Mexico City, with the buildings swaying and the people running into the street. The tremors there, about 1,000km from the epicentre, were reported that lasted up for a minute.




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