Hairstylist Jawed Habib Trolled For an Ad Showing ‘Hindu Gods’ Ahead Of Durga Puja, Apologizes On Twitter


The famous beautician and hair stylist Jawed Habib went up against a massive web-based social networking attack and gets trolled for a print promotion in Kolkata that showed Durga and other Hindu divine creatures and goddesses at unwinding at one of his salons. Responding to the trolling, Habib took to Twitter to apologize, saying he had no point of hurting anyone’s assessments.

Famous hair styler Jawed Habib, who has a chain of hair salons all over the country, ended up in hot waters when a pre-Durga Puja promotion including the Hindu divine creatures was released in Kolkata this week.

The Advocate Karuna Sagar held up a grievance in Saidabad and an HCU understudy fellow also documented a protestation at the Gachibowli police headquarters in regards to this. They said the advertisements conveyed unfavourable substance about the Hindu divine Gods.

Mr Karuna Sagar in his objection said that Jawed Habib had humiliated the divine gods with his promotion and demanded action against him. UoH human science student M. Kumar Sagar said Jawed Habib utilized the photos of Hindu divine gods and goddesses to advance his business. The way the divine beings and goddesses were depicted harmed religious notions, he said in his objection.

The police who had conceded the objection sent the same for the lawful opinion.

The promotion so published in a daily paper a couple of days back, read ‘Gods to visit JH Salon’ and demonstrated Hindu goddesses relaxing at the JH Beauty Parlor. The advertisement drew fire via web-based networking media.

Be that as it may, amidst the gigantic response, there were some repudiating voices who shielded Habib, saying that they don’t found anything horrible about the promotion and that putting Durga and distinctive divinities in display day settings before Durga Puja has been done before as well.

After such heartbreaking comments, Habib in like manner exchanged one of his video where he apologized to his supporters and general populace where he said that nothing was done to hurt anyone’s thoughts as for god before Durga puja.







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