Remember Lucky Ali, Popular Singer From 90s? You Will Be Shocked To See His Transformation



Indian pop singer of the 90s, Lucky Ali, has some memorable songs to his credit. We still love to listen to some like Oh Sanam, Dekha Hai Aise Bhi, etc.

Recently he was seen at a live concert where he donned a long-hair, salt and pepper look. He looked totally different and old with a little too wrinkled.

These days he is busy performing live for those who love his kind of music.

In an interview with the Hindu, Lucky Ali said, my music is a culmination of my growth within the country; whatever it has given me regarding what I heard from its rich source of music and whatever I have gathered from its movies.”  He added, “From all that exposure I created my kind of music. I did not follow any genre.”

According to the report, Lucky is looking forward to creating a different form of entertainment, like a live film.

  1. The 59-year-old singer looks unrecognizable now!
  2. He is often spotted singing at live concerts.
  3. Lucky Ali has lost all his interest in the Bollywood and therefore he is pursuing his hobby through singing at the live concerts.
  4. This transformation of the enigmatic singer is surely shocking!


What do you think about this transformation of Lucky Ali? Should the singer come back to Bollywood?



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