Infertility Clinics & Womb for Rent

a3193da9f744508278b55342b9cabd86_XL.jpgInfertility is a condition defined as not being able to conceive after the continuous try of one year of sex done in an unprotected manner. Infertility can take on any of these four places:

  • Ovulation is a must that means an egg should be released from one of the ovaries of females.
  • Next, comes fertilization, the fusion of sperm of the male and egg should be there.
  • The fertilized egg need to travel towards the womb or the Fallopian tube.
  • Implantation should take place, thus attaching the egg to the wall of the uterus.

Lack at any point can result in the infertility condition. But it can be cured nowadays with so many infertility clinics in India.

Infertility clinics in India

In the present time, India is counted among the popular destinations in the list of the infertility treatment in the world. Many hopeful couples turn up in India from the states across the globe for the treatment of infertility. It is a subject of great pride to come over the rate of success at overwhelmingly high when comes the infertility treatment in the clinics of India.

The infertility clinics in India are well with all the medical know-how as well as have the advanced technology to as other advanced and developed countries possess, but Indian clinics for fertility  stands with an edge at the price paid for the treatment as they are less than half of the price paid in other western countries for the treatment that stands at par with the residue of the world.

Top 10 Infertility Clinics in India

  • Max Healthcare: Chain of hospitals across the country
  • Infertility in India: New Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai
  • Bloom Infertility Clinic: Mumbai
  • BLK Hospital: Delhi
  • Indira Infertility and IVF Center: Udaipur
  • The Apollo Hospitals Center: Chain of hospitals across the country
  • Pulse Women’s Hospital: Ahmedabad
  • Virk Center for Human Reproduction: Jalandhar
  • Hiranandani Hospital: Mumbai
  • Shivani Fertility and Mother Care: Jaipur

Surrogate Mothers

When a woman is inseminated with the father’s sperm then the process is known as surrogacy and the woman who carries the sperm is known as surrogate mother. The surrogate mother then holds the baby till the birth and afterwards delivers it to the parents. The biological mother is the surrogate mother only, in traditional surrogacy treatment. To be among the successful surrogate mother, two things are required on the top priority:

  • Must have a normal and healthy baby of her own
  • Should be between the age of 21 to 41 years

Surrogate Mother Center in India

Having a surrogate mother for the couples to have the baby can cost $12,000 approx when going for the Surrogate Mother Center in India, as compared to other developed countries, costing $70,000 which includes all the medical expenses and the fees of the surrogate.

The service of surrogacy is delivered at the national and the international level proudly in the Delhi IVF centre of surrogacy, based in New Delhi. At the global level, India stands in the best position for the surrogacy for the infertile patients because:

  • Economical treatment is available only in India.
  • The internal desire of a woman to become surrogate comes up with the Indian culture
  • Legality and the law on surrogacy is very lenient in almost all the terms
  • Surrogate mothers are easy to find in India.

The low cost involved in the treatment and the availability of such women makes India the foremost in the surrogacy as compared to the laws of the US and UK.

A surrogate mother is remunerated with a good amount of the infertile couples for renting the womb to develop and give the birth to the baby of the infertile couple.





One Reply to “Infertility Clinics & Womb for Rent”

  1. When a woman is inseminated with the father’s sperm then the process is known as surrogacy and the woman who carries the sperm is known as surrogate mother.
    Normally surrogacy is all about renting the womb. If a woman cannot carry a baby due to some or other issues related to uterus, surrogacy is done. Ie, as per your first list of reason for infertility, when implantation of zygote fails.
    Instead of insemination, the fertilized egg/zygote is transferred to womb of the surrogate mother. She is not the biological parent.
    If insemination is done, the egg from the woman is fertilised in the reproductive system of the same female. Here the woman is biological parent. It is not surrogacy. It is commonly done in cattle to get pure breed of offsprings. Sometimes it may be done in humans as a method when husband is having less sperm count or less active sperm.


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