Over 20 Kg Tobacco Weeded Out from Commuters on Lucknow Metro in Two Days

Security authorities deployed at the stations of Lucknow Metro have weeded around more than 20 kg of tobacco items in the initial two days of its launch only. The security work force are on an errand to sniff out tobacco from the commuters. More than 32,000 travellers had boarded Lucknow Metro on the very first day of the commercial run on 6th of September while the number came down to more than 28,000 on the second day yesterday.

Metro travellers in the city have been attempting different tricks to carry tobacco and related items inside the coaches of metro train.

“The travellers, who are in the propensity of carrying the tobacco items, are not prepared to surrender and they even endeavour to carry it pan masala and different items in their pockets, socks and belts as well,” a security staff sent at the Charbagh Metro Station said.

In the initial two days of the launch, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) security gathered more than 20 kgs of tobacco and the related items.

LMRC MD Kumar Keshav said “Amid searching while at the same time entering Metro premises, Metro authorities could gather roughly 20 kg tobacco and other related things like the pan, pan masala, cigarette and so on from the commuters,”. The appropriated things will be given over to the municipal corporation for the disposal.

“I am extremely appreciative to the workers for their participation in searching and keeping the metro clean. Lucknow Metro is a green and condition amicable open transport and it is our obligation to keep it very clean. The endeavours of LMRC will help in keeping the metro a perfect open transport,” the MD said.

Of the total 8 stations, six kgs of tobacco items were seized from Charbagh station taken after by Transport Nagar, where 4 kg of tobacco items were seized. A considerable lot of those got gave pardons that they didn’t know that tobacco items were not permitted inside the metro rail.

The 8.5-km-long ‘Priority Corridor’ from the Transport Nagar to Charbagh, which is a piece of the Phase 1 of the Metro Rail venture, is operational from 6 am to 10 pm on all the days of the week.

The Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation has set an objective to finish the whole 23 km track from Amausi to Munshipulia by March, 2019 which is a run of 3.5 km underground track between Hussainganj to Hazratganj.


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