SIM Cards Not Linked To Aadhaar Will Be Deactivated After Feb 2018: Centre


On Saturday, the Centre stated that all SIM cards that weren’t linked to an Aadhaar card would be deactivated after Feb 2018.

The order was passed yesterday by the Supreme Court. The after hearing Lok Niti Foundation case regarding linking of Aadhaar Card and SIM Cards. The Centre added that this is being done to prevent criminals, fraudsters, and terrorists from using SIMs in the name of ordinary citizens.

The Centre said in a notice that Aadhaar mobile linkage was being done as per orders passed by the Supreme Court in February 2017 while hearing the Lokniti foundation case. All SIM Cards have to be verified within a year from the date of the judgement and all unlinked phones will be deactivated after Feb 2018.

The Centre added that the move would deter criminals, fraudsters and terrorists and added that biometrics or any personal data wouldn’t be stored by mobile operators

This court made that order in February when the Centre was asked to put in place an effective mechanism to verify identities of existing mobile users. A bench comprising former Chief Justice J S Khehar and Justice N V Ramana said the verification of existing pre-paid mobile users, running into crores, be done within one year.



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