China Reporter Sings Bollywood Song ‘Aaja Re’ At BRICS Summit


The 9th edition BRICS Summit opened up in China’s Xiamen city. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, participated in the summit, spoke about the importance of developing greater cooperation among all BRICS nations, which include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, for ushering in peace and development in the world.

Despite all eyes on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the BRICS Summit, a certain Chinese journalist has grabbed headlines, all thanks to her nonchalant Hindi-speaking skills.

Tang Yungai, a Chinese reporter with the China Radio International in the Hindi service department, while speaking to ANI, said that she loves India and has formally studied Hindi at a university here.

Ms. Yungai, who also loves to call herself as “Sapna” said:

As a Hindi learner, I have moved to the country and met many Indians. I believe Indians are very honest and gracious people and that’s why I love India so much.

Tang Yungai, who is likewise referred to as Sapna, further said that she believes India and China’s relations would become better and thrive, adding, “It will also be salutary for our work in the future.”

Speaking about the Doklam issue, Yungai said, “We shall wait and watch what happens; both the President and the Prime Minister are going to hold a talk soon.”

Yungai seemed particularly fascinated with Indian Cinema. She said, “People in China watched the film ‘Dangal’ and loved it here. Aamir Khan’s character was not handsome looking at the picture, but the Chinese people even enjoyed him.”

Yungai concluded by singing a famous Hindi song – ‘Aa Ja re’ – from Indian classic Noorie and folded her hands in ‘Namastey’ – a stately path to greet people in India.

Meanwhile, the BRICS Summit plenary session is underway in Xiamen.

While Chinese President Jinping, in his opening address, stressed on striking a balance between the speed of development and the quality of growth, Prime Minister Modi called for a greater cooperation between the BRICS member-states in ensuring global stability and peace, in his address.



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