Trump Opened Up About Irma: “Together, We Will Restore, Recover and Rebuild”

Hurricane Irma is all set for massive destruction as the hurricane is heading towards the peninsula, the storm is currently engulfing Florida coast. Due to the evacuation orders issued by the state, around 5 million people forced to leave their residence.

According to the officials, those who ignored the evacuation orders will be left there without help or electricity for several days. Most of the stores that are situated in the danger zone remain closed.

Trump opened up about Irma: “Together, we will restore, recover and rebuild”

The White House released a meeting video, President Trump said in the video, “My administration is monitoring the situation around the clock, and we’re in constant communications with all of the governors, with the state and local officials.”

“We’re doing everything possible to help save lives and support those in need. Again, we’ve never seen anything like this. Together, we will restore, recover and rebuild. We will do it quickly.”

The emergency declarations have been approved by the President in the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Georgia and the Sunshine State — Florida.

President Trump said in his tweet, ”This is a storm of enormous destructive power, and I ask everyone in the storm path to heed all instructions, get out of its way.”

“And government officials, I know you’re working so hard, you’ll never work like this, and I appreciate also your bravery. Property is replaceable but lives are not, and safety has to come first.”

Trump also revealed that Congress could ask for expedite tax reform efforts in the Hurricane’s damages.

“I think now, with what’s happened with the hurricane, I’m gonna ask for a speed up,” Trump said. “I wanted a speed up anyway, but now we need it even more so. So we need to simplify the tax code, reduce taxes very substantially on the middle class, and make our business tax more globally competitive. We’re the highest anywhere in the world right now.”


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