Best Monsoon Treks in Maharashtra for a Weekend Getaway

Being one of the best states for monsoon destinations in India, Maharashtra is blessed with several hill stations and rocky terrains which are perfect destinations for monsoon treks. Several trekking operators and adventure clubs conduct several treks around these places throughout the monsoon season. If you are looking to get off the busy roads and flashy pubs in the city and go outdoors for a slight adventure, these monsoon treks in Maharashtra are best weekend getaways.

Harishchandragad Trek


Harishchandragad is a scenic hill fort and very popular trekking destination. Being the easiest one, trekking via Pachnai village is the recommended one for people of any age and any experience. It takes around 2.5 to 3 hours to reach the peak of Harishchandragad from Pachnai village. Trekking from Khireshwar village is the most preferred route by leisure trekkers as it offers you lot of scenic places throughout the trails. Trekking from Nalichi Vaat is an extremely difficult route to trek which tests your physical ability and endurance level.

Rajmachi Trek


Rajmachi is one of the famous destination for monsoon treks in Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra. If you are a beginner and unsure of which one to start with to get the perfect feel of trekking, then Rajmachi trek is the one. Rajmachi is a small village in Sahyadri Mountains, which has two forts Shrivardhan fort and Manranjan fort. There are two ways to trek the Rajmachi peak. Easier one being from the Lonavala, which is a 16km plain walk. The other one from Kondivade village near Karjat, is comparatively tougher, which involves climbing up the 2000 ft. A perfect weekend getaway, if you are looking for an offbeat experience and are a nature lover

Rajgad Fort Trek


Initially known as Murumbdev, this fort is later renamed to Rajgad by Shivaji Maharaj. This fort among this list of Monsoon treks of Maharashtra, has the strongest historical presence, being capital during Shivaji’s ruling. Rajgad and Torna Fort Trek can be done together if it is a 2-day trek, which involves 6 – 7 km plain walk. Rajgad is an ideal fort for camping among the two. There are two temples which can be used for camping at night in case of no tents.

Torna Fort Trek


Torna fort was the first fort won by Shivaji at his very early age of 16. The best season to trek this fort is in winter. However, trekking Torna fort in monsoon it fills one’s memories with experiences like lush green scenic views, a glimpse of numerous waterfalls, trails filled with crossing the water streams and cloudy hilltops. However, one needs to be extra careful when it rains due slippery trails. Most people carry their own camping equipment and tents. Alternately, one can also stay in Mengai temple on the fort. To survive the really cold nights during summer and winter, it is suggested to carry really strong insulating material.

Ratangad Trek


Ratangad is arguably the best scenic fort to trek in Maharashtra during monsoon. Though it is ideal to trek in winter, trekking Ratangad monsoon has its own advantages. Road trip from Shendi, the road to the base village for Ratangad itself is stunningly beautiful. There are scenic waterfalls and lush green forests throughout the trek. It is suggested to complete the trek in the daytime and return to resorts at Bhandardara for the overnight stay.

Korigad Trek


Korigad is one of the most beautiful hill forts among this list of monsoon trek destinations of Maharashtra. Trek to Korigad fort is an ideal one-day adventure weekend getaway from Mumbai or Pune. Few of the fort structures are still solid and hilltop provides you with some stunning views and splendid pics. View of Amby Valley all through the trek is just amazing. Though most people prefer a one-day trek over here, the camping spots are pretty decent and safe.



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