Hurricane Irma Update: At Least 4 Dead In Florida, Search and Rescue Operations Carried Out


There will not be a normal life for many people after a destruction caused by the Category 5 hurricane — Hurricane Irma. The hurricane has already stumbled the Caribbean island chain. The residents faced the life-altering damage due to the Tropical storm.

However, the hurricane was downgraded to Category 4 hurricane from Category 5 hurricane and was turned into a tropical storm. The tropical storm also lead millions of people to power outrage.

The search and rescue operations are still going on across the Sunshine State — Florida, the search and rescue operations carried out by the authorities and National Guard.

The power outage was not the only problem, the tropical storm also lead Floridians to fuel shortages in many areas. The 130 mph strong winds caused the great destruction across the state.

In a T.V. news interview on Monday, Governor Rick Scott said, “We have got to make sure people understand it is still dangerous.” Scott added, “Everybody has got to be patient as we work through this.”

Hurricane Irma was heading towards north — Alabama, the Carolinas, and Georgia. The hurricane effects were already faced there.

Floridians are eagerly waiting to head back to their homes, the people were waiting in heat and without power in darkness. Hurricane Irma has killed at least four people in Florida after the tropical storm reached on Sunday. The hurricane has already taken the life of 27 people in the Caribbean.

On Monday, the National Weather Service said, tropical storm’s flooding in Jacksonville breaks the record of 1964’s Hurricane Dora. The mayor asked needed people to raise white flags outside their residents.

About 6.5 million customers are facing power outage across the state, the official said. Hurricane Irma affected lives of everyone in the state and become the biggest threat for United State. The hurricane had the maximum sustained 65 mph winds at 11 AM.



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