List of Top 10 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

1.   The Godfather


Depicting a healthy business dynamic, The Godfather is one of the most inspiring and critically acclaimed films of all time and has 9.2 rating on IMDB.

The Godfather is a great watch for all young entrepreneurs who aim high. The movie gives lessons on optimism, hard work, strategy, efficiency and competitive approach.

Although taking notes of illegal activities is not recommended, I would suggest you focus on how the duo of father and son is dedicated to staying on top as the crime syndicate in New York City.

2. Wall Street


Without a second thought, Wall Street is one of the best entrepreneurial movies of all time.

It is a story of a young and ambitious man whose mind is inclined towards a glamorous lifestyle that accompanies wealth with it. Lured by the charm of this lifestyle, Bud Fox, the protagonist, does everything that is illegal to become filthy rich just like Gecko, a corporate raider.

Intertwined in the ruthless consequences followed by unethical decisions he made, Bud Fox realizes what he has got himself into. He tries to make amends but couldn’t save his sinking career.

Being rich and famous is not everything. Not, at least at the cost of your own self. Just do what you love and is right and the money will follow. Moral of the story!

3. Office Space


Aspiring entrepreneurs, Office Space is one of the best movies for you. This late 90’s film is a satirical comedy based on the corporate culture of the 1990s.

Since you are the one who hates office job and awful 9-to-5 working shifts, this movie could be a real treat to your soul. It is a story about a modern cubicle-dweller for who petty bureaucracy, structure, and monotony of work seem like death to him.

The story progresses in the direction how Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) gets out of a desk job and lives up to his desires. His refreshing outlook on life is really motivating for the young talent like you.

4. Pirates of Silicon Valley


An ultimate must-watch movie for entrepreneurs. Perfectly showcasing the rise of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Pirates of Silicon Valley is a movie to learn a lot from.

The movie provides various interesting takes on business management and lives of the founders of Microsoft and Apple. It covers triumphs of both the empires and rivalry between the two.

The story also teaches that one should believe in himself and his dreams. No matter if you have hundreds of competitors, what matters is the execution and how well you do it.

Can you think of any better inspiration than the world’s two biggest tycoons, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs?

5. The Social Network


The Social Network was a blockbuster hit with 7.7 rating on IMDB in 2010.

Inspired by the real life story of world’s youngest billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, this movie has influenced many to pursue their dreams with full dedication. The story revolves around a Harvard student who launches the most popular social-media network of the world in spite of facing multiple challenges.

From an entrepreneur’s point of view, you can learn how you can make your startup succeed with flexibility, devotion and business visionary.

Mark Zuckerberg’s journey is quite inspiring and every entrepreneur should learn from his experiences.


6 is an excellent 2001 documentary film that is based on the rise and fall of the real-life start-up Gov-works. Watch the film today to check out how mismanagement and internal power struggles can lead to the disastrous thrashing of a business. Be warned!

7. Glengarry Glen Ross


Every road to success is not paved with a straight and easy path. That’s what this movie will teach you.

Based on an award-winning play, Glengarry Glen Ross depicts the plight of real estate salespeople during a tumultuous sales season. The movie has set a great example for young entrepreneurs to help them with sales customer relationship management, management tactics, stress management, negotiations & deal closings and survival tactics. Believe it or not, this movie is shown to aspiring salespeople across the globe to make them learn how to sell and what not to do.

8. The Pursuit of Happiness


The Pursuit of Happiness is one of the most motivational and overwhelming movies of all time.

The concept of ‘Never give up’ is the true spirit of the film.

Based on the true story of Chris Gardner, an American Entrepreneur, this unconventional movie is the roller coaster of emotions. It is about the struggle of a homeless salesman who lives up to his son each day waiting for a ray of hope. In his quest for his dream, he faces many challenges yet he never gives up.

The storyline proves that even the slightest of hope could one day open the windows of opportunity. Hard work, sacrifice, and passion are the other major takeaways for every entrepreneur.

9. The Aviator


The Aviator is an inspiring story of Texas tycoon, Howard Hughes, who is the hotshot pilot and a successful film producer. As per the book Howard Hughes: The Secret Life, this troubled man is history’s greatest undiagnosed sufferer from the obsessive-compulsive disorder that lands him in difficulties throughout his life.

In the movie, you shall witness the flashes of excitement, fear, and forebode on the young billionaire’s face portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. He has everything; heedless ambition, talent, early success and tempestuous romances. And as they say, everything comes with the price. In this case, everything came at the cost of the darkest period of his lifetime. The period that lasted for twenty years.

10. Boiler Room


What would you do if you ever get stuck in the dilemma of money, greed, morals, and legality? Never thought about it, have you? Before you get yourself into any of the related complications, you need to understand what these things are and how can they affect you and your business.

Boiler Room is a total worth watch movie to understand the fine line between morality and legality. It is a movie for entrepreneurs as it leaves a very important life lesson behind. It teaches you the true meaning and struggle between right and wrong, greed and money and legality and morality in a business.

This film is a cautionary tale about the journey of a college dropout who aims to earn a name in the stock industry. In doing so, he does some things that he shouldn’t have done and makes us question ourselves – is it worth to take morally questionable decisions for the sake of success?


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