Sectional Sofa


The sectional sofa is the sofas that can fit anywhere in the home perfectly. It is a perfect blend of comfort and style and is an impeccable choice for the people looking for the same. Sectional sofa comes up in shapes like L or U. if we add the lush cushions; it will increase the comfort and would be great for a lazy afternoon on Saturday. Sectional sofa maintaining the simplicity is a sure shot go if one prefers sophistication with the ultimate comfortable sitting area. Added box cushions will give the couch feeling to it.

Sectional sofa in small rooms

It is a misconception that sectional sofa can’t fit in the small room or doesn’t look neat. One large sofa can turn your small room more welcoming than a small sofa accompanied by a couple of chairs. One sectional sofa in a small room can accommodate many in just one swoop making it more gracious.

Choosing a one for the room

  1. Size:

The first thing to focus open is the size. One must decide that what area of your living room should be filled by the sectional sofa. Then the accompanying furniture and their size accordingly. L shaped sectional sofa is the best option as it goes with any room. But looking for a one to make it as the focal point of the room then go for around sofa.

  1. Orientation

Analyzing your lifestyle will be the base point for organizing the living space. It starts with the point, for what purpose space is used by you mostly. If one loves to be seated in front of the TV then L shape goes best whereas for the party lovers a semicircle would be best accompanied by the coffee table. If used for the relaxation purposes too then add cushions to the sectional sofa making it cosier.

  1. Shape and room

After the function comes the shape that will fulfil your purpose. An L shaped sectional sofa will be great for the areas that are open and need divisions between the dining area and the living area.  A sofa round in shape sounds a little conducive in the small room and a perfect selection for the gathering of the group of people.

  1. Material:

Material too serves as a deciding factor while choosing the one. Suede, though they look gorgeous but can be a bad choice if you are having pets or small children.  Leather, the all-time go material and is easy to clean too.

  1. Style complimenting the house:

Opt for the one that goes with your instinct while selecting the one for your house. Go for some vibrant colours with fine lines if your style statement is of sleek and modern.  But if you are having the vibrant colour all around, then choosing a vintage colour and design will be better to make it complementary to the other things around.

  1. Color:

Color though comes at the last in numbers but is as important as the first step. A funny and unique print will not only transforms the feel but gives a personal touch too. If you have painted your walls with vibrant colours then go for a dull shade to equalize the colour variations and vice versa.


This is the era of endless choice with different shapes and styles. Following these tips will help you in getting the clear idea of what you want exactly before hunting for the perfect sectional sofa for you.



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