Iftar Dinner at Dhow Cruise in Dubai


Having Iftar at cruise along the Dubai Creek. Not just will you have the capacity to delve into a delicious worldwide buffet dinner and boundless mineral water, sodas and squeezes, however, there will be live entertainment too with delicious food. As you gradually move ahead with the cruise the distance to the passage of the Arabian Gulf you will see the fabulous high rises of Deira. See the most traditional parts of Dubai including the Souq ranges and the bustling Abra stations as well as the Dubai Heritage Village before you take a turn on the cruise and travel downstream. The dhow is cooled and fitted with all kind of modern safety equipment that makes you have the Iftari at peace.

Yachts in Dubai Marina

Dubai is a city where the perfect harmony lies in with the old things and the new things. Dubai has the perfect smooth yachts in Dubai Marina where the weekend swarm praises the great life and the more customary dhows in the rivulet at Old Dubai where wistfulness and nearby appeal blend for an interestingly Dubai experience.


With today’s arrangement, you can bamboozle both universes with a Dubai Marina dhow cruise with the dinner along with the Deep Sea Adventure! For an out of the crate Iftar experience, head out for a one-hour journey along the tasteful Dubai Marina that is displayed to take after or resemble a canal of Venetian style. Leaving from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Rayna’s customary wooden dhow offers fascinatingly extraordinary perspectives of Dubai to the present day.

 Sail past notable historic points, for example, the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis and Burj Al Arab and appreciate the natural air with your companions’ along with the friends and the family too! Relax down on board as the high rises twinkle and astonish all the surroundings and appreciate the quiet, otherworldly demeanour of the city during the auspicious month of Ramadan.

 Sail along the most popular Dubai Marina, past iconic points of interest in Dubai, for example, the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis as well as the Burj Al Arab and appreciate the natural air with your companions along with the friends and family.

 The salty summer air and taxing day of fasting will work up a significant appetite, so you’ll be pleased to realize that the iftar buffet on board is set up by the 55-star food providers with the heavenly delicious veggie lover and non-vegan choices is accessible too on the cruise. With the call of the muezzin at dusk, you can tuck into an assortment of chicken, fish, sheep, veggie lover and so forth dishes; one can appreciate a choice of crisp natural product plates of mixed greens and delectable leaves as well when having iftar at cruise!

 For those breaking your quick and searching for a masjid, you’ll be upbeat to realize that there are petition offices for your Maghrib supplication on board!

The completely aerated and cooled lower deck, outside upper deck that is open air and tasteful mood melodies add to the ideal experience under the stars.



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