Spending Days in Yelagiri in Cottages


A standout amongst the most soothing hill stations of Tamil Nadu is the Yelagiri. Arranged in the midst of the green Western Ghats, an Excursion to Yelagiri will without a doubt restores your spirits and revive your essence. Settled in the midst of sections of land of greenery and mountains Yelagiri Hill Station is the ideal unspoiled area for the visitors to spend their excursion.

The hills of Yelagiri are likewise extremely well known among adventure fans in Tamil Nadu for trekking. Swamimalai, the most astounding crest of the Yelagiri hills at 4338 feet, is a stunningly excellent 1-hour trek from Yelagiri. Paragliding is another game that is drawing tourists. The hill station was as of late picked the second best natural tourist spot in India for the sports, just after Panchgani in Maharashtra. May and June every year is the ideal opportunity for a summer celebration at Yelagiri Hills. Fundamental participants are a neighbourhood, town society and similarly invested individuals from adjacent regions of Vellore District. The legislature supported occasion plans to showcase the traditions, society and customs of the tribe having a place with the zones that fall under Yelagiri Hills. Invitees incorporate state clergymen, government authorities, individuals from different Panchayat unions and neighbourhood headmen.

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What really happens is that there is a considerable measure of social projects, music blasting out of boisterous speakers the whole way across town and a general decimation of peace and calm. Numerous welfare measures are declared in the midst of all the cheerful making, however, like it is all over else, nothing ever accomplished.

Cottages in Yelagiri

Yelagiri Hills is still a long way from being a most looked for after occasion destination. Regardless of all the commotion made by the Tamil Nadu Government to promote the Hills as an occasional spot, if Yelagiri Hills has had some similarity of progress, it’s because of the endeavour of private gatherings and absolutely no legislature.

There are around 20-30 places in Yelagiri that are offering accommodation to the tourists and the travellers. Numerous call themselves “resorts” yet in the genuine truth, the settlement and offices on offer are horrifying. Cleanliness and hygiene of the cottages in Yelagiri and sustenance leave a great deal to be craved. Having said that, there are a couple of inns and cabin houses who comprehend what neighbourliness implies. “Affordable elegance with the relaxed surrounding”, this phrase best describes when comes the point of staying in Yelagiri.


Activities in Cottage

  • Dining:

Enjoy specially prepared meals at the restaurant or in your room or in the garden.

Choose from an elaborate menu that is prepared with care. Just inform us of your special requirement and we will take care of your dietary needs right from our home kitchen.

Meals for package groups of 15 and above are served buffet style. Dine around a bonfire…. under a starry sky. Sway to your favourite music while we whet your appetite.

  • Games:

Play a game of caroms, chess, or Ludo while indoors. Or choose from the outdoor collection of the shuttle, football or a game of cricket.

  • Conferences:

The peaceful and silent Yelagiri is the place that offers its beauty not just to the vacationers but also to the businessmen. You can host your conference, conventions, training programmes, business meet or company get-togethers in cottages.




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