Stay in Yelagiri In Between the Nature


Yelagiri, the hill station in Tamil Nadu is a bunch of 14 villas or towns spread crosswise over 29 square kilometres, 3,460 feet is above ocean level. The main thing that hits you on landing in Yelagiri is the absence of noise. The delightful natural surroundings are remarkably calm and when somebody rings a sanctuary ringer someplace on the hill, you can hear it as unmistakably as though you were in that spot. The scents of mango and jackfruit manors are weakened by the unpretentious aromas of crisp foliage. You all of a sudden acknowledge that you are so close to nature.

In any case, aside from every one of this, it is the morning strolls; the night walks, and the guided wilderness visits around evening time that encapsulate the genuine appeal of Yelagiri. As you step by step moderate down to coordinate the pace of the surroundings, a feeling of prosperity settles over you.

Staying at Yelagiri

Stay in the realms of Yelagiri to enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature. Yelagiri can be considered as the best place to sit back and relax for many but can turn into a trekking spot too for others who like adventures. Staying at Yelagiri, the following can be enjoyed at the level best:

  • The Punganoor Lake


It is the fundamental fascination in Yelagiri. It is a lake with a beautiful greenery enclosure encompassing it and is man-made. The watercraft club here offers speedboat rides and pedals. There is a youngsters’ park and a smaller than normal zoo nearby. One can go for a short stroll along the lakeside Furthermore, appreciates a pontoon ride.

  • Swamimalai Hill


These are the most astounding spot in Yelagiri. No matter, you are a seat bound official or a consistent trekker you can anticipate an astounding trekking knowledge. It is a simple move of around an hour with rare breaks (around a 1000 foot climb).

  • Velavan Temple


A number of multitudinous sanctuaries committed to Lord Murugan are there, yet what makes this sanctuary so exceptional? Really you get a decent perspective of the Yelagiri valley from this spot. There is the monster figure of Gadothgajan who is the child of Bheeman and Idumbi set before the sanctuary. 

  • Jalagamparai waterfalls


Staying in the valley area downward and are at the little separation far from the Yelagiri. It’s a lovely place to be there and the familiarity merits recollecting.

  • Yelagiri Hills


It has risen as the Paragliding spot in India and for the same Yelagiri Paragliding Club (YPC) is set up for advancing the game would lead the principal worldwide paragliding celebration at the Yelagiri Hills in South India. There are numerous attractions for sightseers and most recent expansion is paragliding.

Yelagiri Homestay

Stay in Yelagiri, according to your need and comfort. Enjoy the beauty with your convenience in Yelagiri Homestay.

  • Hotel Rooms

Here there are good numbers of hotels to stay back when visiting this beautiful hill station. AC and Non-AC both kinds of rooms are available for the tourists along with all the facilities required so far.

  • Villas

Just to be more close to nature, villas are a good option as they are eco-friendly, wood and grass themed. They are located in serene locations. Beauty can be enjoyed with more depth by having homestay here in Yelagiri.




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