A10X Fusion Chip and Live Sports Feature Launched by Apple TV 4K


Along with the launch of the new iPhones, Apple has also unveiled its revolutionary Apple TV 4K at the launch event that took place inside the new Steve Jobs Theatre at the new Apple Park Campus. According to Apple, the new TV is driven by two technologies- HDR and the picture Quality.

This time Apple TV supports 4K which is considered as four times more pixels than the HD resolution and also the HDR (High Dynamic Range) which will enhance the pixels even more. Both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision technology ensure sharp and clearer picture quality on the Apple TV.

Design, Specification, Features

The new Apple TV 4K is powered by an A10 fusion chipset similar to that used in the Apple iPad Pro. This powerful chipset will provide 2X faster CPU performance as well as 4X enhanced graphics as compared to that used in the previous generation Apple TV. Also, the new TV gets a revamped user interface and runs on the latest TV OS.

Apple has informed that all the biggest Hollywood releases will be available on iTunes at same prices as that of the HD. The company has promised to upgrade the HD videos to 4K HDR for free. The new Apple TV 4K will offer life contents of various sports and news. This will allow users to access games, check live stream links, and know about the scores or results of the matches.

Apple TV App

Apple is also going to introduce the Apple TV app which will allow users to browse contents from over 60 videos services without having to switch from one app to other. You can use the Apple TV app alongside your iPhones and iPads seamlessly.

Apple’s new remote supports Siri. So, you do not need to type anything to find exactly what you want to see. Just ask Siri, and Siri will recognize your voice and turn on your favourite channel or Movie. Apple has also partnered with the That Gaming Company to introduce to its users a new and adventurous gaming experience named ‘Sky.’ You can see and enjoy your photos on the big screen through your iCloud photo library and along with that, you can listen to more than 40 million songs through iTunes.

Price, Variants and Final Conclusion

So basically Apple has fitted all its latest apps features and technologies with its new 4K TV and also successfully upgraded Siri to respond to voice. Apple has tried its best to provide seamless connection of its new 4K TV with its other devices like the iPhones and the iPads.

The Apple TV 4K will be available for purchase from September 22, and the price is fixed at $179. In India, Apple TV 4K starts at Rs 15,900 for 32GB variant and Rs 17,900 for the 64GB variant. The price of the 4thgeneration Apple TV has been revised to Rs 12,900 for the 32GB variant. Apple has put its best efforts to make the Apple TV 4k more user-friendly and hence it is expected that it will get a positive response from people.


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