Fight Prenatal Depression With Prenatal Yoga


Pregnant women are often reluctant to start taking any new medications. But when faced with depression, are there any alternatives?

This is really about trying to develop a wider range of options that suit women who are experiencing this kind of symptoms during pregnancy. What we don’t want to do is have people fall through the cracks.

When asked from pregnant women who opted out of antidepressants what type of treatment they might like better. A few said yoga — and other small studies suggested this approach — so she decided to stage a 10-week program of prenatal yoga. Professional instructors led the classes, and women were also encouraged to practice techniques at home.

What we feel like we’ve learned from this open pilot trial is that prenatal yoga really does appear to be an approach that is feasible to administer, acceptable to women and their healthcare providers, and potentially helpful to improve mood. “It is found what we think are very encouraging results.

Researchers recorded data over the course of the 10 weeks, including participation in yoga class, home practice, depressive symptoms and changes in mindfulness. Trained evaluator reviews and the women’s self-reviews reflected that overall, moods improved from the “moderately depressed” to “mild” range. The study also found a proportional association between yoga and depression: the more yoga women did, the less depressed they became.


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