Calm Your Baby With the 5S’s

maxresdefaultWhen you’re a sleep-deprived mom trying to soothe a crying baby, you’ll try just about any suggestion that has a chance of working. Fortunately, many moms swear by a method called the “5 S’s.” Read on to start using them.

Babies want to feel snug, just like they were in the womb. When you swaddle your little one, her arms should be securely on her sides so they can’t wiggle around. Use the swaddle as your secret soothing weapon whenever your baby starts to get fussy or needs to sleep.

Have you ever heard moms mention how their baby can sleep through a whole vacuuming session? Well, there’s a reason. Babies don’t need total silence—the womb was a loud place! Simulate white noise by simply saying “shh” or get an app that makes the sound for you.

Side or stomach position
Babies should only sleep on their backs, but during the day, they can be held on their sides or stomach. Use the football hold or put your baby over your shoulder to quell any crying fits.

A pacifier or your baby’s thumb can provide a lot of comforts quickly when you need a break.

Rock your baby in your arms to soothe her or save your strength and use an automatic rocker. TheRocker does a lot of the work for you. It has different soothing motions: many ways to swing in various different directions where you can even adjust the speed—there are many of them also—or turn on the two-speed vibration setting.

With a little trial and error, you’ll become a master at figuring out what techniques work best to soothe your baby.


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