iPhone X arrival could decline iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Production

The upcoming iPhone X is coming with many hidden features like full-screen display that looks quite catchy, a face detection process to unlock your device called Face ID, an improved camera along with a power-packed hardware. Thus iPhone fans may tend towards the purchase of iPhone X rather than iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. And therefore it can be possible that this iPhone X or popularly known as iPhone 10 may lead to a slash of iPhone 8 Plus output.

If this happens then, this could be the Apple’s earliest production cut in history and the important about that is the new Apple handset which does so is much anticipated in the market these days. The launch of iPhone X can lead to a production cut of around 50 percent in November and December as according to a Taiwanese supply chain report from Economic Daily News.


This production cut of iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus can lead to a boost up in the sale of iPhone X, one more thing which is fearful with this planning of Apple is the sky-high prices of iPhone X. Recently we have done a coverage by a survey that even die-hard Apple fans will not favour investing more than 1000 bucks just for a smartphone. As we know that Apple iPhone X will come in two variants, i.e., the 64GB one which will cost you $999 and the 256GB variant which priced at $1,149. Now people are thinking will it be profitable to invest this much for an iPhone.

It seems like Apple tried to cover the whole market with its three latest launches, Apple launched its three devices iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. Apple priced the eight series less as compared to iPhone X. In iPhone 8 Apple added a dual camera and a big screen so that it can expand the budget of the buyer in favour of more features and a better outlook.

While Apple made its iPhone X too expensive that it was not easy to swallow by some hardcore Apple fans. Some reports say that the last year’s iPhone 7 is outselling iPhone 8 while if we come among the two handsets of 8 series, iPhone 8 Plus is outselling iPhone 8.


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