Google will give a refund to all its customer who paid extra for Pixel 2 at pop-up stores

Google’s pop-up shop located in Verizon charged an extra of $30 on the sale of its Pixel 2 and now Google officially announces that they all will go to get a refund of that extra paid amount. If you” ever have a chance to visit Google’s pop-up store then you should not miss this opportunity. The store looks like a managed one and even the product showcase, or demo are is quite impressive. Just like the products Google gave sheer creativity in its retail shop too.

The staffers at the place look much professional, and proudly Google team made them trained to the peak that they are much sound about the products and can even explain the single unit of the product. Google’s pop-up shop looks like a proper retail shop of the world’s biggest tech brand ‘Google.’ One can have a look and hands-on over almost every product at a pop-up shop of Google like Pixel 2, Home Speakers, Pixel Buds and some other new products.


But when you move to buy a phone you need to move to a reseller who is working with company rights but running to an official always puts over the best. But these reselling stores are also up to the mark. YOu can easily return any order if you find the sound. There is no numerical waiting or any other hassle in refund or return. One can quickly replace the product at the same store from where he bought it.

In other cases, if the store is closed or in any different fact, one can use the hotline number to get the pickup from home. The service is up to the mark without any doubt, and this is the reason why Google products are getting a good response from the audience. First one is quality in the handset, and the rest is a dedicated after sale support.


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