3 Years Of Narendra Modi Government: Controversies That Shook His Chair


Modi and controversies go together. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi is India’s most popular leader, he remains in the eye of controversy for bizarre reasons. 

Everyone keeps a close eye on him. A little here, a little there and lo, a storm is cooked up. Whenever some controversy is raised, Twitteratis go on a picnic mode while media frenzy reaches the peak.

But there is nothing new in it, as Modi has been courting controversy for a long time. Even when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he was embroiled in numerous controversies.  

What I have observed is that he rarely gives an explanation on the controversies that surround him. As a new controversy is raised, people begin the guessing game and try to figure out the truth, which I think is a waste of time. But surely, that gives enough fodder to talk and write about!

The Louis Vuitton Shawl Controversy

1. The Louis Vuitton Shawl Controversy.

According to Firstpost, when our PM visited France, journalist Sagarika Ghose tweeted that she would have liked had Modi used a shawl of Indian make. She had assumed that it was a Louis Vuitton shawl. Journalist Rana Ayyub was the first one to point that out. 

In the end, it came out it was not a Louis Vuitton shawl.

The Monogrammed Bandhgala Suit Controversy

2. The Monogrammed Bandhgala Suit Controversy.

According to The Hindu, when US President Barack Obama visited India in January 2015, hell broke loose when Modi wore the fabulous monogrammed bandh gala suit with Narendra Damodardas Modi written all over it. Later, the suit was auctioned for a whopping 4.31 crore. This resulted in a huge-controversy and some people even called our Prime Minister Narcissist. Some said that the suit cost 20 lacs! Really? You gossip-mongers, the world is still wondering how to stop your wagging tongue! When we can write ‘Fuck You’ on our T-shirts why not our name! 

The Foreign Tour Juggernaut

3. The Foreign Tour Juggernaut.

Well, we live in an interdependent world. It’s important that we have good relations with other countries, right? But when Modi started visiting important nations, the media took it hands-on and said it’s a waste of money. Oh is it? As if there’s no money wasted in the rampant corruption throughout the nation. Later, it came out that the visits were just equal to Manmohan Singh’s except that Modi tweeted about his trips a lot more, so it was more exposed. He was the first Prime Minister to have visited Japan in 17 years. How can we ignore such an important country? 

The Award Return Row

4. The Award Return Row.

The FTII and Dadri episode in 2015 shaped the belief that non-tolerance was on rising. Reacting on this matter, intellectuals and scholars started returning their awards as a sign of protest. They were of the opinion that from the time Modi came to power, intolerance was on rising. They also questioned the silence of Sahitya Akademi on this issue. Almost 41 awardees returned their awards, but Modi did not utter a word during the whole incident. This made the whole episode even more controversial and some even started comparing him to Manmohan Singh, who never spoke on crucial matters.

Now did Modi ask them to return the awards? Whose decision it was. You got the answer.

The Marksheet and Degree Row

5. The Marksheet and Degree Row.

Kejriwal alleged that the MA Degree of Narendra Modi was forged and asked the VC of Delhi University to make the details of his degree public. Amid the row of his educational qualifications, Gujarat University made his degree and marksheet public and said that he scored 62.3% in MA Political Science as an external student of the varsity in 1983. Later, Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley, in a press conference, showcased the degrees of Modi. This cleared the air for once and for all. 

Do we really need degrees to rise in life? Or is it the conviction?

The Marriage Controversy

6. The Marriage Controversy.

Before the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, Narendra Modi used to leave the spouse column blank. But prior to 2014 polls when he was asked to fill property details of his wife, he wrote her name and said he had no idea about property details. Later, allaying rumours over his marital status, he broke his silence and admitted that he got married to a woman Jashodaben, but is now separated. 

However, the matter went out of hand when Jashodaben filed an RTI application seeking details about the marriage-related documents Modi had submitted to get his passport when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. This RTI was made in the context of Jashodaben’s inability to get a passport because she was unable to give the proof of her marriage to Narendra Modi. 

It’s complicated!!!

Controversy’s Child?

Controversy's Child?

Seems like Modi shares a special bond with controversy. What he wears is a controversy and where he travels is a controversy. But most of the controversies are unnecessary and don’t demand attention. We had better look at how he’s serving the nation. 

The Positive Side

The Positive Side.

We just need to look at the good things he’s doing for the nation and then, we are really in a trans-formative stage where things shuffle a lot. The head that wears the crown has never had it easy. Modiji sleeps for just four hours a day. Why don’t we make a controversy out of it? 

Why don’t we make an issue out of it and start a campaign that the Prime Minister should sleep more?

“Sir please sleep for 8 hours, you are the Prime Minister of the nation, you need to take a good night’s sleep.”

C’mon let’s create a Controversy!


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