Similarities Between Narendra Modi And Donald Trump That Might Shock You

They are audacious and ostentatious. While one is at the post of the largest and highest office in one of the biggest democratic nations in the world, the other has actively won the choice of citizens to be the leader of his country. Yes, I am talking about Narendra Modi and Donald Trump, who do not just have similar personas but also have similar traits.

Talking on a fairer part, I won’t say that they are the same, but yes their journeys to the top offices have shown same characteristics. The citizens/voters of the country were also reminded that their nations’ lost glory would be restored. Moreover, they were both successful in proving that they were fighting against the corrupt system. 

Following this, it is very clear that if Modi is a successful leader, there is a slight chance that Trump will also be successful. To develop your belief here, we have a few things which are common to both. Read on to judge the parallels between Modi and Trump.

Theatrical and Great Showmen

1. Theatrical and Great Showmen  

They both are good orators and know how to please their crowd.

Modi: He has not only illustrated his showmanship in India but also across the globe. No doubt that no another Indian leader has been welcomed in such a grand manner ever before as he was. 

Taking a few examples of how he left his impression: While Modi was in New York, he quoted the famous line from Star Wars ‘May the force be with you’, whereas when he was in Tokyo, he played the drums while competing with a professional drummer.

Trump: His presidential debates were not only unconventional but also provocative, a majority of being outrageous which were not less than a TV reality show. His race to the White House was more of play-acting which no another Candidate for President post of the US has adopted in the past. 


2. Narcissist


They claim to be ‘Know-It-All’.

Modi:  He thinks that he has been gifted with the talent of knowing the complications of his citizens and he will solve them. Also, he is very obsessed with taking selfies. But certainly, he has been proving himself right so far. 

Trump: He once said how female critics never attack his good looks. He too boasts that he is innated to resolve the problems of his country’s citizens. Looking forward to proving his gifted talents.

Common resentment for Minorities

3. Common resentment for minorities

They both are known for their detestation towards minorities. We would say that they endorse hyper-nationalism. Or say, it was just to target the favour/favouritism of the majority in order to win the elections.

Modi: In a speech at Kolkata, he mentioned to banish the migrants from Bangladesh. In addition to which he said that only Bangladeshi Hindu migrants are welcomed in the country.


Trump: We all know about his hatred towards Muslims and Mexican immigrants. Also, he has talked about bombing the ISIS terrorists and will prevent the Muslims to enter the US. Not only this, but he has also mentioned about constructing a large wall to stop the Mexican migrants so that they could not enter the country.

Power Grabbers

4. Power Grabbers

Modi: He sidelined a pracharak of one of the biggest political parties India, RSS, LK Advani and grabbed the opportunity to become the Prime Minister of India.

Trump: Being an outsider to the Republican party, he has been successful to force himself on the Grand Old Party elites who are also perplexed.

Hitting accurately on the hot iron

5. Hitting accurately on the hot iron

Modi: The policy paralysis, the corruption problem, and the high inflation gave a good and easy way to Modi by providing him with favourable conditions. Also, the support for him was not only from within the country, but the world thought that India had become weaker under the leadership of Dr Manmohan Singh.

Trump: The decline of America as the World’s greatest power because of high unemployment and economic recession were the major drawbacks of Obama’s regime. Also, the angry white Americans were highly in support of Trump, who were let down during the leadership of Obama over the foreign policy area. So, the pain of Obama certainly became the gain of Trump.

The promises to bring ‘good days’ (ache din)

6. The promises to bring 'good days' (ache din)

They both made slogans and claimed to bring good days which directly touched people. Moreover, the slogans have a different power of approaching people.

Modi: Ache din ane waale hain!

Trump: Make America Great Again!

Foreign Relations

7. Foreign relations

Modi: For your reminder, Modi invited the SAARC nations for his oath ceremony. And whether it was a foreign policy or meeting any leader of another country, he has always initiated to take a step towards shaking hands.

Trump: He has already mentioned in his campaign that he will maintain the friendship with every country in the world.

People’s Representative

8. People's representative

They claimed to move forward by taking people along towards the progress and it’s the citizens first who need to be taken care of.


One Reply to “Similarities Between Narendra Modi And Donald Trump That Might Shock You”

  1. There is a scope to compare Modi with Hitler also… 😂😂😂

    Jokes apart, the time is very much similar to the pre second world war era. The great depression of 1930s disillusioned the people and from their dissatisfaction ultra nationalism emerged in Italy and Germany… So is the case of disillusionment after 2008 economic slow down…

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