Things China Should Learn From India Amid The Ongoing Indo-China Tussle

11 Things China Should Learn From India Amid The Ongoing Indo-China Tussle

The ongoing tussle between India and China over Bhutan border and China constantly threatening India, asking India to be war-ready and showing its military strength through the government-controlled Media, is something unfathomable. 

Has going to war ever solved anything, if we look at the history? Never. 

But China is one such country, which has always threatened its neighbours, either through military threats or economic sanctions. Of late, China has shown aggression towards India. And recent China Military Parade seems more like a message to its neighbours than a regular military parade.   

Now the point here is – wars have been taking place since ages, and what has it resulted in? More borders. Genocides. Widows. And no solution. 

Let us not forget what Mahatma Gandhi said, An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” 

Hu Shih, the former Chinese Ambassador to the US, once said, India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border.”

So, does that mean, we are morally superior to China? You decide. In the modern context, China can learn few things from India. Keep reading to know what are those things.  

Let’s understand India as a country first

What China can learn from India?

India, as a nation, believes in celebration, tolerance and peaceful co-existence. That’s why we have never invaded a nation, leave aside the talk of war. Ironically, we have always given refuge to the people in the past and invited everyone with open arms. India is a country based on the foundation of forgiveness.   

Our neighbour, China, can surely learn a thing or two from us instead of depicting itself as a war mongering nation. 

Soft Power

What China can learn from India?

India is recognized as a soft power worldwide. India’s culture, cuisine and people are being talked about in a positive way throughout the world. It is a kind of power that doesn’t promote coercion or snatching, but rather it is a power gained through adaptation and compassion. And that’s where we score mostly.   


What China can learn from India?

India is a spiritual nation. India has given Yoga and Meditation to the world. India is the motherland of religions. 

By nature, we are peaceful and forgiving. We don’t threaten someone’s sovereignty. Live and let live – a lesson China can learn from us. 


What China can learn from India?

We accept everyone. We invite everyone. India is everyone’s country. And, that’s how things should be. Every religion, every race and whatever other things you can think of have a place in India.   

No Invasion

What China can learn from India?

We did not invade any country. That’s because we don’t believe in expanding our territories. We have never seen another country’s land as ours. But that’s not the same with some of our neighbouring nations.     

Internet Freedom

What China can learn from India?

In India, people have the freedom to use the internet, the way they wish to. India does not regulate the internet the way China does. China keeps a close eye on the internet usage by its citizens and regulates what they should see and what they should not.    


What China can learn from India?

India’s democracy is mature and developed. We elect our politicians, but that doesn’t happen in China. They have a single party system and their representatives elect their president. There’s no opposition in China so there’s no debate and people’s voices are often suppressed.    

Freedom of the Press

What China can learn from India?

The Indian press is free and fair, mostly. It is not government controlled and media houses reports are unbiased. In China, Media is state-controlled and it shows only what it wants to show to the world. That sounds suffocating!  


What China can learn from India?

To develop the economy, the Indian government is privatising its public sector. Privatisation has changed the face of the country, and today, we have a list of billionaires. However, in China, the private sector is mostly seen with suspicion and the government doesn’t trust private players. There, the private sector is not growing as fast as it should.   

No military threats and boasting

What China can learn from India?

India has never boasted about its nuclear weapons, or given any military threats to any nation. But China has a different story to tell. It flexes its muscles on various pretexts.  

Information Technology/Software

What China can learn from India?

India has become a giant in Information Technology, thanks to favourable IT policies. This single thing has changed the image of India throughout the world. However, China has yet to reach its potential in the software sector – for this, it has to look beyond just the hardware and manufacturing sector.     


What China can learn from India?

We Indians are forgiving by nature because that’s how we have evolved over the years. Because that’s the way to peace! But with China, it is a different story.  

And what we can learn from China? 

What China can learn from India?

Kung Fu.

And the wall? 

What China can learn from India?

Surely, we can learn something from the wall. Be like a WALL when the going gets tough. 


What China can learn from India?

My country India embraces all loves all. My country believes in peaceful living.   


2 Replies to “Things China Should Learn From India Amid The Ongoing Indo-China Tussle”

  1. Did Gandhi really said that?
    An eye for an eye….
    I don’t think so….
    There is a scope for you to write on wrongly attributed quotes…


    1. Sir,
      there is no such evidence that gandhi ji had said this but there is no such evidence also that someone else said it or gandhi ji dint said this.

      that quote is from the film with Ben Kingsley portraying Gandhiji, which was made on gandhi’s ideologies, if Ben had shown wrong quote then surely INC must had
      opposed that time.


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