How to apply a Primer the Right Way

A clean canvas provides the perfect foundation for a beautiful painting. This is true even for our makeup. A primer is the perfect base for starting off the makeup and can increase its longevity, by sustaining through the weather.

Here is how to apply a primer the right way…

What you need to know about a primer:

  • Primer is a base makeup product which is applied to the skin before starting off the makeup. It protects the skin from foreign elements like wind, dust, etc. A primer blurs fine lines, wrinkles, minimises the pores and doesn’t allow the makeup to move or shift.
  • They are two types of primer – water-based and silicon-based. The former should be used for oily or acne prone skin while silicone based ones can be used by normal skinned beauties. The reason being, silicon-based primers can cause breakouts for those who have oily skin!
  • Nowadays, primers are available as per the skin type such as dry skin, oily skin or even normal to combination skin. So, choose one that actually suits your skin type.
  • Silicone-based primers fill the pores of the skin perfectly and give a smooth finish to the skin. They mostly come in a transparent colour. You have a range to select from as the Indian makeup market has many from drugstore brands to high-end ones.
  • It is always best to use a foundation brush to apply a primer. If we use our fingertips to do the same, then the oils naturally present in a figure tips just blends with the primer and deposit onto the face. A brush gives a much cleaner application to the primer.

How Primer is to be used on the Face

Now that you have your basics covered, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

The primer should be taken in small quantities on the back of the hand. Only a small amount, say a pea size amount of it is needed for the entire face. In fact, primer reduces the quantity of foundation needed for the face.

Step 2

As the back of the hand doesn’t have much oil secretion and is also dry, it makes an apt place for mixing of the primer. The natural heat from the skin warms up the product for a better application. Dip the brush into the primer and apply it gently onto the face.

Step 3

Begin applying from the mid-forehead section towards the outer forehead area. Next, apply it on the nose. Apply it starting from the cheeks to the outer area of the face. Finally, cover the entire face in gentle motions.

Primer acts as an optical diffuser. It mattifies the skin and makes it look smoother. These days, primers for a specific purpose are also available, like primers for the eyeshadow, for the lips etc. Basically, all these primers help in making the makeup stay longer and better!


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