Fascinating Ancient Egyptian Beauty Traditions

Did you know?

Egyptian women would burn almonds and crush them into a thick black paste in order to line their brows.

Egyptians were one of the most advanced people in terms of beauty. Since ancient times, the women have been adorning themselves with makeup and jewellery. They ingeniously used naturally available materials to create staggering results.

Here, we take a look at some of the fascinating traditions that you easily emulate.

Hair Removal

Believe it or not, ancient Egyptian women were so aware of their appearance that they even had methods of removing body hair. Body-Sugaring is a less painful method of body hair removal and also adds to the softness of your skin by exfoliating and eliminating dead skin.

Step 1. Mix sugar water and half a lemon juice in a pan and bring to a boil.

Step 2. Let the mixture turn into a dark brown colour.

Step 3. Pour the now brown mixture into a jar.

Step 4. Apply like normal wax and rip off with a soft cotton cloth.


Henna was used by these beauties for more than hair colouring. They used it to colour their nails (nail polish!) which also provided natural nutrients for them to grow longer.

Henna leaves from the MIgnonette Tree were plucked and mashed to a paste for use. Today it is solely used for hair dyeing and tattoo making. Who would have known it could be so beneficial for a manicure!

Eyebrow Game

As you may have noticed, Egyptians are always portrayed to have dark eyebrows. This is because they made them dark! Women would burn almonds and crush them into a thick black paste in order to line their brows.


Egyptian Women also loved smelling good after their baths. They would use natural clay and olive oil which prevented cracked or dry skin. Oh and don’t think it would smell bad. The fragrance of natural clay with a hint of olive oil is refreshing and guaranteed to make you feel beautiful.

Clay can do Wonders for the Skin


How could you expect Egyptian women not to think about lipstick? Yes, that’s right. They would get that red lip by extracting ochre and mixing it with water to make a red paste. They would then apply it to their lips and face with a brush.

All this goes to prove that you can look gorgeous using ingredients from your home as well!


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