When A Widow Rejected Jahangir, He Used This Cruel Trick To Vent His Anger

What made Jahangir so Voracious?

When A Widow Rejected Jahangir, He Used This Cruel Trick To Vent His Anger   

Famous daily soap Jodha Akbar started with feeding the audience with valuable facts about the emperor’s life but when the plot shifted to his son almost every viewer was keen to know about his personal life, especially his wives. No wonder our history classes only made us learn about his most beloved wife Nur Jahan and Bollywood talked only about his love affair with Anarkali who was left to die within four walls as ordered by Akbar.

A little did we know that this son of Akbar is known as Salim or Jahangir. Even after having so many wives, this emperor doused his anger sexually on the females who lived in the harem.

Why did he do that? What made him so voracious? He possessed two of the greatest sins greed and lust. But was there any end to it? We shall help you find all the answers.

Let’s dig into Jahangir’s life and know the reason behind it.

Jahangir’s Birth

Jahangir's birth 

Born as Mirza Nur-ud-din Beig Mohammad Khan Salim, he was the fourth Mughal emperor who ruled the Indian empire.

Amer’s Manbhawati Bai

Amer's Manbhawati Bai 

According to an article by Hindustan Times, Man Bai or Manbhawati Bai was Jahangir’s first wife who gave him his first son Khusrau Mirza and then she was given the title of Shah Begum. It is also believed that he had 300 women to share his bed with. Can you imagine? 300 women?

Princess of Dhameri

Princess of Dhameri 

The emperor’s another wife was Phul Begum, who was the Princess of Dhameri, which is located in present-day Himachal Pradesh. This place was later called Nurpur because of Nur Jahan who visited the place and was deeply influenced by its beauty.

More on Jahangir…

More on Jahangir...

If the information provided on his Wikipedia is to be believed, Jahangir’s another wife was Marwar’s Jodh Bai who was also known as Jagat Gosain. He named her Taj Bibi Bilqis Makani and she gave birth to Prince Khurram, the future Shah Jahan, and successor of the throne.

He married his fourth and fifth wife in the same month

Did you know he married his fourth and fifth wife in the same month?

In July 1586, Jahangir married the daughter of Maharaja of Bikaner. Around the same time, he married Malika Shikar Begum, daughter of Sultan Abu Said Khan Jagatai, Sultan of Kashgar. She died after 6 years in 1592. How can a man really do that?

Jahangir’s another wife

His another wife.

Sahib-i-Jamal was the daughter of Khwaja Hassan of Herat and was reportedly the sixth wife of Salim. It is said that Salim fell in love with her and decided to marry her immediately. She gave birth to Jahangir’s second son Parviz Mirza in 1589. She died when Parviz was 10 months old.

Jahangir’s other Wives

Jahangir's other wives.

In 1587, Jahangir married a daughter of Rukn-ud-Daula who was called Malika-i-Jahan Begum Sahiba. She was the mother of his 4th son Shahzada Jahandar Mirza, who was born in 1596. His eighth wife was a daughter of Raja Darya Malbhas.

More wives…

More wives...

His another wife was a sister of Abiya Kashmiri. Another wife was Kanwal Rani, youngest daughter of  Ali Sher Khan from Ladakh. His another wife was a daughter of Sayyid Mubarak Khan Baihaqi of Kashmir. His another wife of Jahangir was again from Kashmir – a daughter of Husain Chak of Kashmir.

Marriages after becoming the Emperor

Marriages after becoming the emperor.

He married Saliha Banu Begum, who was the daughter of Qasim Khan, a senior member of the Imperial Household. His 22nd wife was Koka Kumari Sahiba, eldest daughter of Yuvraj Shri Jagat Singhji Bahadur of Amber.

Nur Jahan – The most loved Wife

Nur Jahan - The most loved wife.

Mehr-un-Nissa or Nur Jahan was the most beloved and influential wife of Jahangir. She was a married woman when Salim laid his eyes on her. Soon, her husband died and it was after three years of her husband’s death that Nur Jahan consented to marry him.

According to writer Tanushree Podder’s research, it is said that Jahangir abused women in his Harem to unleash the anger he felt after facing rejection from Nur Jahan.

Marriages after Nur Jahan

Marriages after Nur Jahan.

But it was not the end of Jahangir’s wedding spree. He married five more princesses after marrying her.


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