Ditch the Tour Bus with These Three New Adventurous Tour Options

Why ride when one can easily pedal, float, or just walk around. The latest assistance from the many expert tours and travel operators allow the one to go beyond the well-trod visiting the attractions for a more dynamic and immersive experience.

By Boat

The charter company, Sunsail has launched the new boat, Mallorca Flotilla, that allows the experienced sailors to shove themselves along the Spanish island’s striking and the sun-dappled coastline, which is led by a flagship and is also manned by the guides. The tour starts right from the Palma De Mallorca which is the largest city of the Balearic Islands and sailing from harbor to harbor up to the seaside village of Port De Sóller, before turning back and also visiting the national park in the nearby Cabrera Archipelago. One can expect the number of stops when going with the boat for hiking, swimming, and drink sangria on the beach. This new adventurous tour of seven days starts from $1,962.

By Bike

Courtesy of DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co. is a company that offers the tour by bike and can organize a tour for the group of people. The Luxury cycling company DuVine started its first Asia tour by spinning through Japan’s most stunning landscapes. It took from Kyoto, and traveled along the Uji River and then into tea fields and the Kii Peninsula mountains and then beyond. Along the tour route, the riders stood in the Ryokan Inns, which is a traditional Inn of that place and also visited the Buddhist temples of historic times, tour Nara’s trail of saké producers, and fleece in the onsens of Mount Yoshino. The post-ride of the Izakaya meals is the most rewarding part of this adventurous tour. The adventurous tour from the bike for seven days starts from $8,595.


The new self-guided tours from Exodus Travels will let you discover Europe on your own conditions. Bookings and the tour routes are already set, but no chipper guides or the packed schedules are done on a prior basis over here. Whether you’re tasting truffles or the Barolo on a walk through Piedmont which is in the Northern Italy, or canoeing through the France’s Périgord region, which is situated on the Dordogne River, or trying the cycling along the Danube from Vienna to Budapest, here you are allowed and will set your own pace and decide what to see and what not to with the help of some guidance that is just a phone call away. Here it will cost $770 for six days.




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