Signs of Global Warming are All Around Us

In a recent study, which was done by David Inouye, shows that since last 40 years ago, wildflowers, bees, birds and many other things have appeared around each spring.

Signs of global warming are all around us
Image Source: Pinterest

During the present days, the plants and animals who all arrive at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab were a week or two earlier than what they were since last 30 years ago. The robins who usually arrive in the early April month now arriving in the mid-March. Marmots also end their winter hibernation earlier.

As per David, if the climate were not getting change, then we would not have encountered this changes. It has been a long time which was about 30 years since the world comes to know about the global warming. On June 23rd, 1988, NASA scientist James Hansen has said that they have testified before the Congress and they have explained about the heat-trapping gases which have spewed due to the burning of fossil fuels, and as a result, it pushes the temperature to a high level.

This is not happening solely due to climate change, but Nature itself is also getting changed. The researchers said that you need not required to have a scientific degree to see these changes. There is a lot of evidence which is present in the blueberry bushes in the Henry’s David Thoreau’s Walden Pond and the population of the polar bears who are present in the Arctic circle and also the dying coral reefs all over the world. Till now, a scientist has documented about 28,800 cases of plants and animals by responding to it consistently for the temperature changes. This study was published in the journal Nature.

According to Dr Howard Frumkin, who is the former environmental health chief at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the allergies and asthma attacks are now on the rise. Frumkin said that tough ragweed and poison ivy had triggered more powerful allergic reactions with an increase in carbon dioxide levels.


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