Is Dark Neck a Sign of Diabetes?

Diabetes is linked to many symptoms and sign. It is also a disease which had diagnosed a number of people nowadays. Darkening behind neck and other parts of the body with some lines and crease like we see in our knees, elbows, and knuckles, are common in obese and overweight people. People often take it as the smudge of dirt or lack of hygiene. Some also take it as a result of friction caused by chains and necklaces.

Have you ever think that it can be a sign of diabetes? Well, the researchers call it a sign of diabetes. If you had mistaken in the same way and are taken these darken area as normal then you need to consult your diabetologist soon. The researchers tell that this darkening takes place in due to excessive cell growth and variation of fibroblasts that gives way to an excess of insulin in the body.

Is dark neck a sign of diabetes?

In the obese people and the type 2 diabetes patients these can be the common signs of diabetes. In these patients, the amount of fat like abdominal fat gets exceed that cause resistance to the action of insulin which gets secreted by the pancreas. This excess of insulin secretion by pancreas keeps the blood sugar control in one’s body. This also promotes the skin cells growth that gives way to acanthosis nigricans.

When the body produces an excess amount of insulin, the pancreas starts getting exhausting which works as the development of diabetes. It is a stage where diabetes can be curable healthy and simple lifestyle and weight loss. The patients need to keep in mind that complications that caused by diabetes like damaging the retina, heart, nerves, vascular system. Single diabetes can affect the organs of your body. There is a need to take a proper step towards the treatment of diabetes much before the situation gets worse for you.


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