Obesity is Linked with Shorter Life Span

Obesity gives rise to a number of critical situations and diseases for a person. People are always advised to adopt the way of a healthy lifestyle which keeps them away from major diseases and also keeps their organs stronger. A recent US study says that obesity is linked to the shorter lifespan. The study tells that those who are overweight and are suffering from some heart diseases are at higher risk than those who are healthy.

This study also tells about these results by monitoring more than 1,90,000 adults in the study taken part in different regions of the US over the past seven decades. In the study, researchers worked on the weight and other major causes which resulted in the increased risk of heart disease. All the participants who were involved in the study are away from the situation of cardiovascular disease.

Obesity is linked with shorter life span, study says

The study involved around 70 percent of men and 60 percent if women who were aged 40 and above but were obese. The study then found that the risk of cardiovascular causes was 21 percent higher for obese people than those who are fit and healthy. It is also updated that overweight middle-aged women are 32 percent risk of dying from some heart condition.

Those men who are extremely obese had the triple risk of being caught up by any heart condition in comparision with those who have a healthy weight. “Our data clearly show that obesity is associated with a shorter, sicker life with more cardiovascular disease and more years lived with the cardiovascular disease,” said lead study author Dr Sadiya Khan, of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

“Obesity or excess fat in the body can increase the risk for heart disease in and of itself as well as increased risk for heart disease by causing elevated blood pressure, diabetes and abnormal cholesterol,” Khan said.


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